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Having owned my own tattoo service for over 9 years and doing SEO in house I’ve learned the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization for tattoo companies. My tattoo company’s website currently has had over 9.4 million visitors to its website, we have serviced over 14,000 customers, and the website ranks number one for numerous local searches and many global searches as well, many times outranking all our competitors! I have also had success in providing my seo services for many other tattoo companies and taken their websites from not anywhere in the top 100 on google to on the first page for many of their targeted searches Search engine optimization for tattoo artists is a niche field of expertise.

I can offer something that other Search Engine Optimization companies cannot, I have an insider view. I know exactly what keywords work for tattoo companies. I know insider secrets and how to get your website to the top of the searches and how to achieve this the fastest, without penalty. I have been optimizing tattoo websites for almost ten years, can you think of anyone else better to trust your website seo work with then someone who already has many other tattoo websites ranking number 1? Do you want to trust your company website with someone who knows nothing about tattoos , or with someone who knows everything about tattoing companies, and has owned one themselves? Wouldn’t you rather trust someone who has already ran a successful company that has had over 14,000 customers and also runs a successful Search Engine Optimization company. Where can you go wrong? We also have experience in removing penalties from websites and recovering them from penalty. This is a daunting task, but it has and can be done as we have successfully done it with several of our clients. Call Today for a price quote and start.

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With several different package levels available, call today and start getting the business and calls you deserve. We can bring you tons and tons more business by using industry trade secrets that regular seo companies simply just dont know about. We also provide seo services for bus companies, seo services for party bus companies, seo services for transportation companies, courier companies and more.
With the way technology is today, more and more people are relying on the internet to search for and make their next purchase. Fewer and fewer people are using phone books, writing down phone numbers off of billboards, or even listening to the radio anymore. It is the age of the internet, and with the internet and its power growing and growing it is so important to take advanage of its power and harness it for your benefit.

Tattoo Seo For your company

We offer excellent seo services you can rely on. We have been in the seo business for over 10 years. Providing seo services for not only our own successful tattoo service but for many otherĀ  services in the country and abroad. We offer a full service seo package from social media, google local rankings, organic rankings, and more. Unlike many other companies that may solicit you for a cheap monthly fee and only offer map placement, or never even rank you, we offer all services in one low price. We also stay up to date with the ever changing algorithyms and google updates. We also can help you recover from penalty if you have a google penalty. Give us a call for an inital consult and see what you can achieve today! We cover the following.

Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization Firm
Organic SEO
Geographical Targeting
Relevant SEO Link Building
Landing Pages & MicroSites
SEO Programs Tailored For You
Proven SEO Techniques
Blogs & SEO Content Writing
SEO using Social Media

The Leader in Organic SEO Tattoo Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, KeyWord Research and relevant Blog and Content Writing to dramatically improve your search engine ranking and organic seo consultants, internet marketing Company, optimization consulting Firm, website presence. Our programs can be customized to bring your website to Page One for your local geographical area, or you can choose a program that targets the entire nation. Need Immediate Results?
Pay-Per-Click Campaign can bring immediate results with immediate click throughs and conversions as soon as the ad goes live. This strategy helps new websites get off the ground with immediate traffice, but it is short lived. We can show you how to put your advertising budget to better use, by organic seo consultants, internet marketing Company, optimization consulting Firm, budgeting for Organic SEO instead, which will give you permanent results for years to come, and only costs you once instead of everytime. We are Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization experts, and have helped hundreds of customers reach and exceed their goals.

We strongly suggest you add Organic SEO to any advertising campaign you are running. Organic SEO is permanent, and you only have to buy it once, but the effects are long lasting and highly effective. We achieve a higher search engine ranking with Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization through means of Value Rich Content, KeyWord optimization, Link Building, Directory Listings, Social Marketing, Landing Pages and Microsites. Our Atlanta customers see dramatic results when they hire us for this type of program. Our team of experts are highly trained to implement a campaign to fit your budget that will give you the competitive edge in Internet Searches.

Affordable Pricing
Our Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization will bring your website into competition, increasing website traffic by as much as 150%. Having a professional website that does poorly in the Browser searches will not help you make more sales. But having a professional website that continually lands on Page One for the keywords you choose and the locale you target will make your website an integral part of your selling machine! Put your website to use 24/7 by improving your Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization ranking, and organic seo consultants, internet marketing Company, optimization consulting Firm, can get you to Page One for very little cost. Learn more about how our Organc SEO Plans can help your website go from the back of the pack to the front with increased search engine ranking. Become competitive for your keywords and geographical targeting to land on Page One.

Organic SEO Plans are a long-term, permanent solution that Pay-Per-Click Campaigns can’t deliver and create permanent traffic and new customers.

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