10th European Conference on Mixing: proceedings of the 10th by Hendrikus Egidius Antonia van den Akker; J J Derksen

By Hendrikus Egidius Antonia van den Akker; J J Derksen

Generally, fluid blending and the comparable multiphase contacting techniques have continuously been considered as an empirical expertise. Many facets of combining, dispersing and contacting have been regarding strength draw, yet knowing of the phenomena was once restricted or qualitative on the such a lot. specifically over the last decade, although, plant operation goals have tightened and product requirements became stricter. Read more...

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The intensity of the trailing vortices can be determined by the vorticity, which is very intense within and low outside the vortex regions. 028 for the hydrofoil impeller. In addition it was found that the distribution of turbulence kinetic energy in the discharge flow depends significantly on the type of impeller. While high values of turbulence kinetic energy are present along the entire discharge profile of the Rushton turbine, the discharge flow of the hydrofoil impeller exhibits only two peaks at the inner and outer edges of the blade, where vortices are generated.

Figure 4 shows F1 and F1c data for a Rushton impeller [26]. e. approximately R/2 away from the tip: this location is both sufficiently near the impeller so that its influence is felt and sufficiently far so that entrainment is well accounted for, and it is suggested that a distance of R/2 should be used in future work for F1c determination. Similar guidelines are required for axial flow impellers, but sufficiently detailed and accurate data is not available at present. 3. IMPELLER EFFICIENCY & SCALING One of the most important criteria in impeller selection is the power consumption (energy expenditure) required for a particular mixing performance.

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