5 People Who Died During Sex: and 100 Other Terribly by Karl Shaw

By Karl Shaw

All in completely undesirable taste

Prepare to be surprised, appalled, disgusted, and highly entertained via this compendium of indelicate oddities. not anything is just too inane, too insane, too extraordinary, or too distasteful for this brilliant, likely most unlikely, yet completely real number of proof from around the a while and round the world.

Did you know…

…that Pope Benedict XII used to be this type of hardened boozer that he encouraged the expression “drunk as a pope”? (From “10 ancient Drunks”)

…that as a distinct honeymoon deal with, Prince Charles learn Princess Diana passages from the works of Carl Jung and Laurens van der submit? (From “History’s 10 Least Romantic Honeymoons”)

…that the best-dressed gents in medieval England uncovered their genitals lower than a short-fitting tunic? (From “History’s 10 maximum style Mistakes”)

…that Alfred Hitchcock suffered from ovophobia—fear of eggs? (From “10 Phobias of the Famous”)

…that King Louis XIV in basic terms took 3 baths in his lifetime, each one of them lower than protest?
(From “10 nice Unwashed”)

…that in 1930, Sears shoppers turned enraged whilst the catalog was once first revealed on modern, non-absorbent paper?
(From “12 Magical Moments in rest room Paper History”)

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