64 Things You Need to Know in Chess by John Walker

By John Walker

This is a simple primer should you understand how to play chess and are searching for to enhance. each one 'thing' is defined in an easy-to-follow lesson, that is by means of routines that let the reader to envision that she or he has absolutely understood the concept that. themes contain: the fundamental checkmates; crucial endgame wisdom; strategies and combos; middlegame issues; common checkmating styles; establishing play.

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Xg6 3 'ii'f6+ �h5 4 'iff3+ both leave Black unable to escape the checks. c6+ 2 'ifxc6 so that his king is tied up and he has only a rook which he can move. g1 + 3 �xg1 stalemate! ••• ••• 3 Endgame Basics 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 The Opposition Promotion and the Opposition The Rook's Pawn and Stalemate The Wrong Bishop The Rook's Pawn and the Trapped King The Square Counting in a Pawn Race The Sting in the Tail King and Queen vs King and Pawn The h- and f-Pawn Exceptions The Breakthrough Try for Yourself Solutions 40 42 44 45 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 Before you turn over the page, remember two things: a) You can be winning a game in the opening.

Can Black win now? Does it matter which file the pawn stands on? You'll find out on the next page. 56 64 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN CHESS 25 The h- and f-Pawn Exceptions If the pawn stands on the h-file (or a-file) and it is supported by its king on the seventh or the eighth rank, the game will be drawn unless the enemy king is close enough to set up a checkmating position. In our position the white king is blocking the pawn so you would expect the black king to begin his travels with 2 �b6 (D).

Wrong! The moves 1 h6 b3 2 h7 b2 3 h8'if bl'if (D) take us to a position where both sides have promoted. It is very easy in a game to work your way through a piece of calculation like this, come to a logical stopping point like this and end the thinking there with no more than a gen­ eral judgement of the final position. It would be very easy to look at the starting position above and concentrate our thoughts on the promotion of the pawns. We would reach the position in the diagram below and White can play 4 'ifh7+ (D), the sting in the tail, and skewer king and queen.

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