A Dictionary of Earth Sciences by Stella A. Stiegeler BSc (eds.)

By Stella A. Stiegeler BSc (eds.)

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In either case, the composing material is derived from the mountains and is brought down by surface runoff, which follows the infrequent but heavy downpours. bald-headed. Denoting an anticlinal fold whose upper beds have been eroded away, exposing the older rocks of its core. balled-up structure. An isolated patch of silty sediment contorted into spherical nodules and enclosed within mud-sized sediments, resulting from slump movements whilst in a poorly consolidated state. The term was proposed by 0.

See also anatase, rutile. brown calcareous soils. Calcimorphic soils, typically found in the humid temperate regions of Europe and America under base-rich vegetation. Soil development is more advanced than in a rendzina, producing a soil with an A (B) C system of horizons. The soil is deeper, though rarely more than 70 em, owing to its development over a parent material with a greater insoluble residue. An example :>f such a parent material in Great Britain is the Jurassic limestones of the Cotswolds.

A law stating that if an observer stands with his back to the wind, then pressure will be lower on his left hand side than to his right in the N hemisphere. For the S hemisphere the converse is true. This means that winds will blow in an anticlockwise manner around a depression in the N hemisphere, and vice versa in the S hemisphere. bysmalith. A steep-sided vertical igneous body, roughly cylindrical in form and following a steeply inclined fault. It arches up the overlying country rock or becomes exposed at the surface.

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