A Family Affair - Necromancer Games (d20 System 3rd by Carla Harker, Bill Webb

By Carla Harker, Bill Webb

Whereas investigating a mysteriously deserted mansion, the adventurers stumble right into a tangled net of kidnapping, robbery and homicide. From a mansion with a perilous mystery to the blood-stained waves of the excessive seas and an old, cursed fortress, the adventurers face a succession of deadlier and deadlier foes, with the rescue of innocents and the restoration of great treasure as their final rewards. A family members Affair features a totally built city atmosphere, various targeted NPCs and a variety of difficult rivals. A d20 event for 4-6 computers of point eight or larger.

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32 a family affair Treasure: Three silver candlesticks worth 25 gp each. The gold ring under the bed is fake; the toy soldiers left it as a lure. 36. Yellow Guest Room Yellow silk wallpaper, a yellow room-length rug, and yellow bed curtains brighten this large bedroom. A pair of leather chairs face each other beside the eastern window, and white velvet drapes are pulled back to reveal wide bay windows. Treasure: Four silver candlesticks worth 25 gp each. PCs also find a gem-encrusted snuffbox worth 500 gp hidden beneath the mattresses of the bed with a successful DC 30 Search check.

Power Word Stun Trap: CR 8; magic device; touch trigger; no reset; spell effect (power word stun, 13thlevel wizard), Search DC 32; Disable Device DC 32. Lightning Bolt Trap: CR 6; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (lightning bolt,10th-level wizard, 10d6 electricity, DC 14 Reflex save half damage); Search DC 28; Disable Device DC 28. Treasure: In the safe, the PCs find 267 pp, 329 gp, a diamond necklace (780 gp), pair of diamond teardrop earrings (600 gp for the pair), a gold and diamond ring (550 gp), a single emerald earring (the match to the one in the carriage (Area 1)) (50 gp, or 160 gp as a set), ruby choker (250 gp), an unset ring (see the gem of location in the New Magic Items Appendix for details,) documents (see below), divine scroll of raise dead (CL 9), cloak of resistance +1, 4 potions of cure light wounds and 2 potions of water breathing.

The other chest 33 chapter 3: the althere mansion also contains clothes, along with a piece of smooth glass about the size of a man’s closed fist, a dozen pieces of rough-cut crystals in various sizes and colors, and a loose pile of coins: 2 gp, 34 sp, 32 cp. 42. Scullery Servants' Room At first glance, the bodies on the beds of this austere bedroom seem to be children, but a closer look reveals them as two gnomes. A pillow half covers one, his face blue as if he suffocated. A blood-soaked brick lies near the other gnome's shattered skull.

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