A Manual of Photo-Engraving by Harry Jenkins

By Harry Jenkins

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International Bibliography of Political Science Volume 51: International Bibliography of Social Sciences 2002 (International Bibliography of Political Science (Ibss: Political Science))

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In making the saturated solutions, it is well to use warm water, as the salts will more readily dissolve. Water. 2. Nitrate of silver. mouthed 4 MANUAL OF PHOTO-ENGRAVING. 38 Make a solution about 25 grains of the silver to the ounce of water. It is not necessary in practice, however, to measure the quantities exactly. The operator will generally place a few crystals in the bottle and dissolve in some water, adding- a few more 3. crystals if the solution acts too slowly. Nitric acid. Make weak Water.

Of all in the resulting negative. above, not all of As intimated the rays which together form making a change white light are effective in these silver salts, and this condition also it is in which renders photography possible, for the compounds can be prepared for use in a room from which the ''actinic" rays (as those which affect the salts are called), are excluded, the plate being afterwards properly exposed to the action of the "actinic" light, and the operation is then completed by the aid of the "non-actinic" illumination.

B. Shults. MANUAL OF PHOTO-ENGRAVING. 31 have certain changes produced in If the whole plate is exposed, it is evident that the change will be uniform over the whole surface, but if only certain actinic rays, will its sensitive constituents. portions are exposed, the change will take place in only those parts and the intensity of the change will be proportionate to the intensity of the action If, therefore, such a plate of the light upon them. exposed in a camera properly focused upon some from the object will affect the sensitive salts in the film and produce an image corresponding in its parts to the various portions of the object.

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