A new strategy for alkane oxidation with O2 using by Ishii Y., Sakaguchi S.

By Ishii Y., Sakaguchi S.

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Airpower has been important in all US military conflicts since the air force became an independent branch of the US armed services. It would see a major test only a few years after its inception, during the Korean War (1950–1953). THE BERLIN AIRLIFT The air force would be tested soon after World War II. The Soviet Union and the United States had been allies during the war, but tensions escalated between them almost immediately afterward. Berlin, Germany’s capital, was occupied by both nations and was at the center of these tensions.

By 1945, hundreds of bombers filled the skies during raids on Tokyo and other major Japanese cities. Using special bombs designed to ignite fires, they destroyed huge portions of the urban areas they attacked. Japanese buildings, largely constructed from wood, burned easily. VINDICATION Many of Mitchell’s predictions came true, including the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, the need for a strong air force, and the role airpower would play in future wars. Mitchell did not live to see the US Air Force established as an independent branch of the military.

US pilots in F-86 Sabre jets fought Soviet MiG fighter jets sent to support North Korea. The US Air Force served in much the same capacity during the Vietnam War (1959–1975), defending South Vietnam from North Vietnamese troops. The air force led the way in Operation Rolling Thunder, a sustained bombardment of North Vietnam that went on for more than three years beginning in 1965. It became one of the most intense air battles ever conducted by the United States. THE COLD WAR Both the Korean War and the Vietnam War took place during a period known as the Cold War.

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