A Practical Approach to Rheology and Rheometry by Gebhard Schramm

By Gebhard Schramm

"It is was hoping that this booklet, in attempting to supply easy factors for occasionally complicated phenomena and giving recommendation on 'what to do and what to not do', can result in readers to realize an perception right into a box that's scientifically and technically attention-grabbing and commercially rewarding."

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E) Electrical field E In EVF-dispersions characterized by the nature and percentage of their dielectrical particles, the electrical field acting on the samples placed into a special sensor system must be kept constant to allow a meaningful comparison of similar EVF-fluids. 9 Boundary conditions or measuring constraints of rheometry. The mathematical treatment of the physical problem of a fluid being deformed under the influence of shear forces leads to very complex differential equations which in their general form cannot be solved.

45 48 Viscosity [Pas] Rheology Shear rate [1/s] Fig. 23 CS-comparison: viscosity curves of 3 PMMA melts at 220°C Constant shear stress comparisons have one additional important effect Fig. e. of equal exponents n. Although the different grades of polymer melts have different viscosity curves a CS-analysis will allow a good comparison since the polymers are equally non-Newtonian and their flow pattern in the capillaries or shearing gaps is alike. 49 Rheology Viscosity [Pas] CR-data comparisons (see Fig.

Sample volumes differ with the chosen cone angle and radius.

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