A Reference Book of English Words and Phrases for Foreign by R. F. Price

By R. F. Price

A Reference publication of English phrases and words for international technology scholars is a reference booklet of English phrases and words for overseas scholars, for use as an relief whilst analyzing books on technological know-how, making notes, or while describing experiments. it truly is meant to educate the non-technical English phrases and words that are essential to describe and clarify issues and occasions scientifically. directions on tips on how to use the ebook are integrated. created from 8 chapters, this booklet starts off by way of introducing the reader to characteristics of items (shape, composition, texture, colour, flavor and smell). next chapters specialize in kinfolk (quantitative kin and dimension, spatial family members and order, temporal relatives, complete and part); activities (change, movement, concepts and use of apparatus); evidence, options, and difficulties in technological know-how; the clinical approach; causation and type; and the actual, the final, and comparisons. This monograph is meant for international scholars who desire to write transparent, concise English and to appreciate extra truly the tools utilized by scientists in fixing difficulties.

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Y e l l o w , m a g e n t a a n d p e a c o c k b l u e a r e called secondary colours. Pattern T h i s circle is filled w i t h dots. T h i s circle is dotted. T h i s circle is dotted w i t h r e d . T h i s a r e a o n t h e left h a s a n u m b e r of spots of c o l o u r o n it. T h e a r e a is spotted with c o l o u r . T h e s p a c e on t h e r i g h t h a s c o l o u r e d stripes across it. T h e s p a c e is striped. q i A i r r i K s OF THINGS This band lines across 41 of m a t e r i a l has narrow it.

T h i s p o w d e r is impure. T h i s p o w d e r h a s very small q u a n t i t i e s of impurities in it. T h i s p o w d e r is in the solid state. T h i s s u b s t a n c e is a solid. It is solid. 26 ENGLISH W O R D S AND P H R A S E S F O R FOREIGN SCIENCE STUDENTS T h i s p o w d e r has c h a n g e d n o w . It has been heated. It is n o w n o t a solid. I t is n o w in the liquid state. I t is n o w liquid. T h i s glass (i) has a gas in it. T h i s glass is filled w i t h a gas. T h e gas stops t h e w a t e r g o i n g i n t o t h e glass (ii).

H a s b e e n coloured T h e animal has been This is animal. a stained with stained. preparation of the mosaic. 42 ENGLISH W O R D S AND PHRASES F O R F O R E I G N SCIENCE STUDENTS This leaf is now nearly white. It has been decolourised. The alcohol is now green. The alcohol has removed the green colouringmatter I pigment from the leaf. Before the operation the leaf was green and the alcohol was colourless. The water is still colourless. The alcohol has blanched The made the leaf alcohol has Yellow straw can be Yellow straw can be the leaf.

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