A Taste of Blood Wine (Blood Wine Book 01) by Freda Warrington

By Freda Warrington

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Perhaps not a soul who can't find rest, but an image we can call back. This stone is full of crystals. Some crystals have electrical and magnetic fields, and they vibrate in response to a stimulus. What if they could absorb certain wavelengths and produce them again when disturbed — by the light through the door, for example? " Karl had followed her. He was looking at her as if he had never seen her before, and he no longer looked remotely amused. "A cat that has not hunted here for hundreds of years.

I haven't seen Karl for years. " There was the merest touch of shiftiness in Pierre's face. Kristian tightened his grip. "Don't lie to me. Ilona told me you know where he is. " "No—you've got it wrong. " Kristian did so and Pierre relaxed, gasping and holding his injured arm. The wounds were already beginning to heal. "It's Ilona who's lying. She knows, not me! " "This is no game. " Pierre steadied himself. "Ilona always makes it her business to know where Karl is. It's as if she doesn't feel safe unless she can find him.

The huge firegrate was full of ashes and shadows. The atmosphere lay heavy as if it had not been disturbed for centuries. "It seems such a shame to modernise it," said Charlotte. Anne hung behind her a little. "I have a confession to make. " "You? " "I'm not frightened," Anne said crisply. well it does have rather an atmosphere, doesn't it? I shall be glad when we have electric lights and all that. " "You won't be the first. I think it dates from the Wars of the Roses or before, but it's been lived in on and off since then.

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