Adaptive digital processing of Multidimensional signals with by Victor F. Kravchenko

By Victor F. Kravchenko

During this monograph, the radical promising tendencies in adaptive electronic processing of multidimensional 1D–3D indications with diverse functions to radio physics, radio engineering, and medication are thought of

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For the realization of digital spectral processing of multivariate signals in the Doppler radar, synthetic-aperture radar, in problems of signal resolution and compression, computer tomography and termography, and medical diagnostics. Other examples of application of the new Kravchenko windows for detection of numerous targets by radar are presented in the second part of this book. Fig. 18. Maximum sidelobe level vs. maximum transformation loss for the K24 , K2 G3 , K44 , and K42 G22 windows with the support length reduced by 10 and 30%.

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A. Application of Atomic Functions for Restoring Signals with a Compactly Supported Spectrum. Doklady Mathematics, 2002, vol. 66. no. 1, pp. 152–156. 32 Ch. 1. The Theory of Atomic Functions 5. Kravchenko, V. F. and Basarab, M. A. Atomic Functions and Direct Methods for Solving Singular Integral Equations of Electromagnetics, Proc. of The Fourth International Symposium «Physics and Engineering of Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Waves», June 4–9, 2001, Kharkov, Ukraine, vol. 1, pp. 238–240. 6. Zelkin, E.

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