Alexander the Great: His Armies and Campaigns 334-323 BC by Nicholas Sekunda

By Nicholas Sekunda

Upon the assassination of his father King Philip II in the summertime of 336 BC - whereas planning for an invasion of Persia - Alexander took over the reigns of energy of a now united Greece. while he led his mixed Macedonian and Greek military into Asia a yr later he all started the best profession of army conquest in international historical past. In 11 brief years he overcame the may of the Persian Empire and campaigned around the face of the recognized international. during this mix of 2 of Osprey's so much winning titles, Men-at-Arms 148 the military of Alexander the nice and crusade 7 Alexander 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire, eminent students of the Classical global - Nick Sekunda and John Warry - describe intimately the make up of Alexander's military, and the process his epic campaigns.

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