Psychologist Northern Beaches

Psychologist On The Northern Beaches Sydney

Beaches is a mental health clinic dedicated to helping those suffering from mental health issues. Opened by Marcela Nolasco it is a place where those in need can find answers and help to the problems they are looking for answers. In many situations people need help and a trained psychologist has the experience and know-how on how to help.

“for one to be a great practitioner and healer, yes you must have solid training, but the real art of helping others comes from compassion, understanding, and real-life experience. It can be hard to give psychological help to someone if you yourself have never really had any hurdles or battles in your life to overcome. It was her job to reach out to homeless people and help them find ways out of their desperate situation.

It was hard working with the homeless, there were so many stories that would bring tears to your eyes. The experience taught me how to truly care and that life can be extremely tough. The biggest lesson was that if a person made that decision to change that with good counseling and the right psychological attitude change is possible.”

Marcela then worked for several inner-city Psychology practices. Moving to the Northern Beaches and the opening her own practice  The practice is focused interpersonal psychotherapy in which the psychologist and patient are at one and the psychologist is not dictating how the therapy should run but rather the patient is leading. “client led psychology is definitely my favorite form of therapy. It allows me to be more human and have a better connection with my client. I am not there to judge or dictate, I am there as a guide and support person as the client slowly discovers the answers to their problems.

Clinical Psychology Vs Registere is a clinical psychologist which means she has done 3 years more training than a registered psychologist.

“I found the extra training really did make a world of difference. However, there are some amazing psychologists on the northern beaches that are not clinical psychologists. I think the main thing to focus on is the relationship with your psychologist. Do you feel you can be honest? Do you feel they care about you? If this is present with your current psychologist no matter how educated another psychologist maybe they may not be able to form this type of relationship with you. So if your therapist cares, and you can be honest with them don’t buy into the whole clinical vs registered.