Video Conferencing Lease Or Purchase

Video Teleconferencing Lease Or Purchase Equipment

The ability of businesses to be able to readily communicate with the rest of the world (Both inside and outside its industry) plays an integral role in the company’s survival & success. As the old saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” In order for businesses to compete at the highest level, they have to keep themselves on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Typically, the more traditional approaches to business communications have been set up in such a way as to place its focus on the transferring of information. Video conference equipment (Both data & voice) Today the cutting edge of technological advancement incorporates full color / full-motion video feeds with high-quality audio transmitted life, in real time, from one location to another anywhere in the world.

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This technological advancement is referred to as video teleconferencing. Although it has been around for several years, its popularity has only recently begun to soar. Whereas in the 1980’s, when the video teleconferencing technology was just becoming applicable, costs could range up to $1 million, today’s costs have become substantially less, making the technology available to a much wider array of smaller businesses.
What are some of the benefits to Video Teleconferencing?

Time-saving equals more time to be productive
Businesses able to save big $$$ off travel expenses
Shorter meetings (with less time invested, no need to stretch meetings out)
Easier scheduling as a result of shorter meetings
Increased connection to the outside world
Video conferencing has helped open the door to a whole new era in business efficiency and productivity.

Video Conferencing Software

Aside from the hardware that is needed to run a video conferencing system such as the camera itself, a monitor, a control panel, etc., users will also need software installed on their system that will allow the videoconferencing software to run. Like hardware, there are multiple levels of software from which to choose from, ranging from extremely inexpensive and low quality to extremely expensive and the highest quality. More expensive videoconferencing software products will generally tend to have more controller options, better audio/video components and top of the line codecs capable of compressing/decompressing a maximum amount of data. Some examples of videoconferencing software products are as follows:

    • WebEx: WebEx is one of the leading providers of web based communication products. Serving more than 8,000 customers around the globe, WebEx’s high profile customers include Boeing, Kodak and Kyocera. WebEx offers a high quality business platform version of videoconferencing software capable of a great number of applications. WebEx is compatible with the following platforms:
      1. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Tablet PC
      2. Mac OS 9 & OS X
      3. Solaris 7/8, HP-UX 11.3, Linux
      4. Palm OS, Pocket PC

For more information on WebEx products, check out their website at

    • SmileTiger E Meeting Server: Designed for the complex internet/intranet environment, this web/video conferencing software product works extremely well with firewalls and proxies without having the need for any kind of difficult configuration. Features include (but are not limited to):
      1. Audio/Video conferencing
      2. High Bandwidth efficiency
      3. MS Office integration
      4. Multi-level access control
      5. Strong encryption
      6. Local file sharing

For more information regarding the SmileTiger E Meeting Server check out

  • IVisit: In business for over 10 years, IVisit offers the very latest in communication technologies. IVisit is another software program that integrates audio/video/chat messaging into one desktop program that works across both PC and Macintosh platforms. IVisit has users in more than 138 countries establishing an online international community for chat or business purposes. Capable with dial-up & broadband connections, IVisit is also compatible with both PC and Macintosh products.